If the battery of your vehicle or electrionic device goes dead, you have a new equipment to face up the emergency!


Nowadays we can no longer do without a reserve of energy for all our electronic devices that we daily bring with us.


ENERJUMP is a powerful powerbank with USB port able to recharge several times all portable electronic devices ‐ such as smartphones, tablets, BT Intercom equipments, XTC action cameras , mp3... ‐ everywhere and without the need of a main socket.


It completely recharges your Iphone up to 3 times! 



But the extraordinariness of Enerjump is the capability to jump‐start your battery without the need of another vehicle!

No matter if it's about your car, motorbike, quad or camping van, you don't have to ask for help to anybody, anymore!
Despite its reduced size and thanks to its 12V output with a high peak current,

ENERJUMP has enough power to jump start your vehicle when the battery is dead. Just connect the jumper cables and its clamps (red +/ black ‐ ) supplied in the packaging to the vehicle's battery, turn on Enerjump and start your car! 


ENERJUMP is also equipped with a powerful built‐in Led flashlight able to light up SOS emergency signalling (intermittent flash). 






The 5‐led charge indicator clearly shows you the charge level.

ENERJUMP is ideal for everyday use or roadside emergencies; so remember to take it always with you, in your daily activities or adventures! 


What's in the box:

‐ Enerjump
‐ Jumper cables with clamps ‐ 12V car charger
‐ Wall charger
‐ USB to micro cable

Technical specifications:

‐ Nominal capacity: 8000mAh ‐ Input: 12/14V ‐ 1A
‐ Output: 5V ‐ 2A
‐ Car starter: 12V

‐ Starting current: 200A
‐ Peak current: 400A
‐ Weight: 300g
‐ Dimensions: 131 x 75 x 25mm