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Mactronic TSL0013 Military flashlight with signal functions and IR 940 nm, 5 LED, MARKER

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The Marker signal light empowers paratroopers, platoons and special forces to respect the time-honored adage to “Lead, follow or get out of the way”. The Marker achieves a rapid and silent means of communication for the control and coordination of troops during combat operations or exercises. Twist the flashlight’s head to assign a color (White, Red, Green, IR940nm) to designate each team member’s function and position during maneuvers. The completely invisible 940nm wavelength LED produces no red glow, keeping you invisible except to your night vision equipped squadmates. A tactical switch activates 3 modes, high, low and flashing. For extra stealth, affix a cap to block the main light, leaving just enough side illumination to signal your intentions without revealing your position. Operation time WHITE LED: 100 % 8 h 20 min, 20% 34 h Operation time RED LED: 100 % 10 h 50 min, 20 % 45 h Operation time IR LED: 940 nm 100% 8 h 20 % 33 h Operation time GREEN LED: 100 % 7 h 30 min 20 % 31 h Clip: Operation modes: 100 %, 20 %, flashing Helmet Mounting Bracket: Weight: 90 g Shockproof: 1,2 m Dimensions: 110 × 25 × 21 mm Power supply: LRB-123A Li-ion / 1 × CR123A Light source: 5 LED

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