28.05.2015 Cobra CWA BT310E AirWave Box wireless Bluetooth speaker

Cobra AirWave Box:

  • Wireless - equipped with Bluetooth technology, listen your favourite music from your smartphone or -pad.
  • Toattaly waterproof - sertificated with class IPX7, up to 30min in depth of 1m, further more it floats.
  • Rough and robust chassis - Cobra AirWave Box is covered with rubber material and is resistable of heavy impacts and falls.
  • Equipped with a powerful Li-Ion battery - listen your music up to 10 h in a row.
  • Be connected - the device mutes automatically your music, when there's a incoming call.

  • In addition, Cobra AirWave Box has an AUX input(auxiliary port - 3.5mm input) and an USB charging cable, so it is possible to listen music from your PC or MP3-player. These versatile functions make Cobra CWA BT310E AirWave Box wireless Bluetooth speaker a must for daily and leisure activities. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    With Cobra AirWave Box you can listen your favourite artists on the go, sunbathing on the beach, during hiking or picnic even at a party, no need to worry about water or any kind of liquids. Class IPX7 waterproofness takes care of it, if you dont belive it watch the video below.

    Tehnika TV tested products bought from Tehnoturg, like all Cobra Wireless Series speakers, but also Cobra batterybanks, take a look.

    Video from Tehnika TV 5th of Feb 2015:

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